We Are Killing Mother Earth And Each Other

We are born
Of this earth
Of Mother Nature
Whose planet

Has more
Than enough

To sustain
And take care of
But you
Wouldn't know it

By how commercialized
Said resources
Have become

And how greedy

We have become

When it comes
To them

Mother nature
Gives us
All we need

To survive
Yet we hoard
Those resources
Get rich off of
Selling them
To those who

Can afford it
While others
Starve to death
Because of it
And yet somehow
We see nothing
Wrong with
Any of it
I'm sorry
But this bullshit
Is sickening

To me
No wonder
This planet

Of ours
Is more and more
We are killing her

Mother nature
Our dear
Mother earth
And each other

And somehow
We don't seem
To particularly care
Anyone else
Sickened by this?


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