I Would Rather Rebel Than Conform

You say I'm weird
I say your boring

You say I'm insane

I say
You're the one
That is crazy

Always willing

To conform

And hand control
Of your very soul
Over to people
You don't really know
Just to fit in
With a corrupt crowd
And feel at home
With people
To whom
You will never

Be good enough
You say
You feel
For me
I feel for you
While I rebel
For the sake
On my own

That is not
And never will be
For sale
I am not perfect
And I know it

I have issues
And I take

Full responsibility

For them
And it is
Not easy
Being the
Rebel type
Not in the least

But truth be told

I would rather rebel
And fight for
What I believe in
And keep
Of my own soul

Than conform
By handing
Over control
Just to fit in


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