The Unique and Strange, The Boring The Plain

In this world
There are

The unique
And the strange
Then there are
The boring
And plain

Who by the
and strange
Always seem

To be entertained
While still towards them
They send ignorant hate
And this is
To just

Make sense
Maybe its
Not true hate
The boring
And plain
Have for
The unique
And the strange
Maybe just maybe
It is jealousy
At the end
Of the day

While the unique
And strange
Have no problem
Being themselves
The plain and boring

Are instead of
Actually hating

Maybe they are
Just wishing
That they had

The guts
To be that
Way too
Just like they
Always wished
They could
And for

That reason
Instead of hate
The hateful
Plain and boring

I feel sorry
For them
Because they
Have no idea

What they
Are missing

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