Stay You

They say your weird
Different and unique
They say it
Dare to say it
Like they
Actually think
It's some
Horrible thing
But my darling
Please tell me
That on at least
Some level
You do
Know better
That you know
Of being horrible

Your being
So called weird

You being

Actually does
Have a purpose
And that purpose
Has meaning
It's not bad
Or an evil one
No instead
It is a beautiful one

That comes from a
Free spirit
Kind heart
And open mind
For you see
Those who dare
To be different

Kind hearted
Free spirited
And open minded
Do have
To leave
A positive mark
On the world
Even if they
Don't even
Realize it
So don't let

The haters
Get to you

And never give up
Because chances are
You are inspiring
More people
By just being you
And staying strong
Than you could possibly

Have ever imagined
Keep fighting
And please
Never be
Short of who

You were
Born to be

Trust me
Being anything less

Than the real you
Is nothing short

Of living death
And is never, ever
Worth it
Embrace you
Be proud of you
Stay you

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