How Wars Are Really Won


Another war
And done
And for someone
A war won
For their politicians
Who get the credit
For a war fought

So hard

And won

On the backs

Of innocent soldiers
Far too many of which
Never see

Their families again

Because while

Have no problem
Starting them
They also seem to
Have no problem
Of not really
Fighting them either

They throw
And belief's
Around like

They never
Seem to
Actually care
About what
They are doing
But when it comes
To them
Fighting in their

Own war
Hell no
They are too
So they get the
Poor to do it
That concept
Is nothing knew
But it seems to me

If you are going
To start something

That is at its core
Something deadly
You shouldn't be
"Fighting it"
From a cushy office
While the poor
And the proud
Fight for you

And a war
To be truthful
You never cared about
Bottom line
You start it
And truly believe
In it
Then maybe it's
About time
You fight it
And you end it
Instead of
Innocent lives
For something

You don't even
Care enough about
To put your own self
In danger
To fight for

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