Mother Earth Deserves Our Respect


Mother Nature
She is always
There for you
You may
Need her
But are you
There for her too
Or do you
Just take
About her
Well being
You enjoy
Her oxygen
But wipe out
Forests full
Of the very trees
That supply it
We all rely
On her
Water supply
To provide
The water
To sustaine life
And yet we seem
To think nothing
Of polluting it
We and the

Entire planet

As a whole
Rely on her

Eco system
Yet we think
Nothing of
Disturbing it

By causing
Wild life
With in it
To go extinct
When will we
Finally get it
When will we see
That not only
Does mother nature

Deserve our respect
But hey folks
News flash
There is not
And never will be
A planet B

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