The Curious Star

Random Favorites

The curious star
Did travel far
To get a better look
At a world

It had heard

So much
It had heard

So much bad

That it did
Make it sad
But also so
Much good
It had to see
For itself
And when it
Our planet
Upon taking

One look
At it
It did start weeping
For there was
So much
It could not
What it was seeing
But just when
That curious star
Was about to
Give up on us
It saw the good

It had heard about
And suddenly
It understood
That for every bad
There must be a good
Even if we don't see it
Because sometimes
It is what
We don't see
That makes the
Most difference
To those around us
And that curious star
Smiled and said
To itself
In a quiet vow
That from now on
It would be

The brightest
Shining star
In the darkest of night

To remind us
How bright we
Can still shine

Even when
All the chips
Are down

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