The Truth Of Our Justice System


For better
Or for worse
In the legal
In the justice system

We do trust
Even though

It is all
Fucked up
Cops shooting

Unarmed men
And getting off

Just because
Of who they are
Cops killing

So called
Vicious pets
Just because
They can
And while they're at it

Beating homeless men
For trying to use

A public bathroom
It's sickening
Then there are
The prosecuters

Who don't give
A damn
About justice
Only winning cases
And furthering
Their careers
Through witch hunts
That put innocent people
In prison
And on death row

And not to be
Out done
The judges
Who refuse to
Be tested
That could exonerate
And save the life
Of an innocent
Person on death row
Because doing so
In their mind
Is a watse
Of time
This is
The truth
Of our legal and
Justice system
Believe in it now?

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