Stop Being So Jaded And Do Something

See the world

The innocent eyes

Of a non corrupted mind
As naive
Of a mind
That may be
It can still teach
More than you think
To a society
So badly
Out of control
It is literally

More insane

Than sane
Its time

We learned
Once again
To dream
Like the dreamers

We used to be
And believe in things
So greatly
That we once again
Take in great numbers

To the streets
In the hope

Of achieving
We need to
Stop giving up
And start
Stepping up
Because all
This being angry
Hate spreading

And sitting around
Doing nothing

But stewing
In our own anger
Is getting us
Stop being so jaded
And hateful
Start once
Again believing

That everything
Is possible

Get off your ass
And for once
Do something

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