Everything Is Connected

We are all connected
Not just to each other
But to the animals
The earth
The sun
The sky
We all
Affect each other
We all need
Each other
And we need
To realize
That our choices
May be ours
To make

But at the end
Of the day
They affect
More than
Just us
We keep
Getting greedy

That greed
Trickles down
People lose
Their jobs
As a result
We say its illegal
To feed the homeless
Out on the street
People starve to death
We fight raising
The minimum wage
People kill themselves daily
Just trying to get by
We take our planet
For granted

Abuse it
And not give
Doing so
A second thought

And we wonder why
Mother Earth
Is clearly suffereing
While wondering
What others mean
By there is no
Planet B
We over hunt

We over fish
Are dying out
And yet there
Are still those
Who have

No idea
What that means
In the grand scheme
Of things
And it's about time
We started
To learn
Started to care
And started to
Do something
About it
Because I fear

That it already
May be
Almost too late


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