Which Road WIll You Take

There is a road
Less travelled
It's scary
It's lonely
And cold
It's filled
With trials
And troubles
But in the end
It leads
To triumph
The kind of triumph
Only seen
When you dare
To take
The road less
And that triumph
Is beautiful
Well worth
The work
The pain
The blood
And tears
It took
To get there
So my friends
We stand
At a cross roads
And we have a choice
Do we choose
The familiar safe road

With little risk
But also little reward
Or dare to choose
The other road
Filled with risk
But holds the
Greatest reward
And lets you be
Exactly who you
Were born to be
The choice is yours
And yours alone
And I beg you
Choose wisely
Because there is
Nothing worse
Than living with
The feeling
Of what if

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