The Secret Mansion

Random Favorites

There is a secret mansion
A house no one
Knows about
I shouldn't
Even know about it
But I came across it
One day
On a hike
It is deep
In the woods
Hidden away

From everyone
It is abandoned
And it is brilliant
But even though
No one lives there
That doesn't mean
It is not
For it is
By ghosts
Peaceful spirits
That are happy

To stay there
Instead of
Moving on
For this
Is not just
A secret
It is magick
And anyone
Who enters

Dead or alive
Falls immediately
Under its
Intoxicating spell
And never wants
To leave
Because this house

Lets you be
Exactly who
You always dreamed
Of being
So dead or alive
In this mansion
You will have never felt
So alive
So real
So at peace
Sounds great right
But here is the price
For anyone who finds it
While still alive
It is so intoxicating
That you forget
To live the life
You are still meant
To live

So my friends
I warn you
As I spend my life
Lost inside
If you ever find this house
Walk way
And never look back
Because once it has you
It never lets go

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