Everyone Has The Right To Their Opnions

I am a peace seeker
Not a fighter
A lover
Not a hater
In fact I will
Accept you
Even if
You won't
Accept me
Just because
I see no
To sink
To anyone's level

Of hatred
And like it
Or not
Your opinion
Just as much
As mine does
So though I
Disagree with you
And would love
To debate you
I acknowledge
Your right to think
Any way you choose
The thing
That makes me sad though
Is that when
It comes to this
Way of thinking
I seem to be
In the minority
And to change that

I will fight
Just not
In the way

That includes violence
Because lets face it
The world
Has had
More of its share
Of that madness
And to the very thought
Of violence
I say
Just simply

No more

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