A Just Because Poem For My Mother

Just a random
For you
My mother
As a way

Of saying thank you
For all you do
So here it is
From me to you
A just because poem
All for you
Just because
You always
Find a way
To make me laugh
And have
Taught me
To appreciate
All I have
Just because
You see me
For the person
I am and can be
Even when
Thats something

I can't always see
You have always
Been there for me

And have never
Given up on me
You love me
No matter
How crazy

I can be
Because you
Taught me to love
And treat others
With kindness
Because you keep
Fighting for me
Even when I feel
Like giving up
You are amazing
And probably
Don't even know it
Because there is no
Other mother
Who could possible
Stack up
And most importantly
Because I don't say it
Nearly enough

Thank you
For everything
For me you
Have ever done
And I love you
More than you
Can possibly know
And more than I even
Know how to show
I love you mom
Thanks for everything


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