(Life) It's Best Just To Enjoy It

The hardest part of life

Is having to simply
Live it
Carrying on
When you simply
Just want to
Walk away
And say
Fuck it
When you
Are convinced
You are only
In vain
And nothing
Will ever change

Of something
Even when
You are
A Nightmare
But the best
Part of life
The part
Most don't
Really even know
How to take advantage of
Is simply enjoying it
And that is what
Makes that
The very secret
To life itself
No matter what
Happens to you

No matter what
You fight
Your way through

The very best thing
You can do
In this life
Is just simply find
A way to enjoy
And appreciate it
Because lets face it
Life is just
Too short
To actually choose
To let the world
Make you live it
In misery

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