We Are The Ones Who Scare you


We are the ones
Who scare you
Through and through
Because unlike
The sheep
Who follow
You blindly
We see right
Through you
Quite proudly
We are
The victims
Of your
That don't
Take any of it
And will
Take any
To call you
Out loudly
On the bullshit
You are spewing
We are the ones
Who refuse
To exist

In the shadows
With never being heard
We are the ones
Who will always
Tell the truth
About your lies
Not for power

Nor greed
But we will do it

Just because
It's right
We are the ones
Who when it comes
To the games
You love to play
Will always
Be standing
In your way
You can fight us
You can hate us
Try to ignore us
But in the end
You will always
Have to deal with us
We are the ones
You are afraid of
And we will not
Back down
Because truth
Be told
You are the ones

Who scare us
We know
You are dangerous
And we will never

Let you win

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