We Should Know Better

Blind hatred
Driving a society
So hell bent
On power and greed
It drives me crazy
It's 2015
We should
Know better
Act better
Be better

Yet better
Is still to be seen
In the mean time
In the media
And even our so called
Justice system
There is so much
It's maddening
And what's worse
Is that people
Eat that shit up
Like its whats for dinner
Bullies driving kids
To suicide
We let it happen
What's right
Taking a back seat
To greed
Because money
Means more
Than what's best
For society
Again we just
Let it happen
Racism kills
Cops acting too
Power hungry
And no one does

A damn real thing
To stop them
Because lets face it
Controversy sells

Another win for the media
Exremists in the news
What are we to do

And we like to think
Thats all just

But lets face it
It isn't
We have extremists
Of every religion
Here too
We just don't want to
Admit it
Sad isn't it
And with all this

We should know better
Than to take part in
Any of it
Or just let it happen

We should know better
Yet somehow
We really don't

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