Last And Most Important Game Of The Season

So here we go Pats
It's go time
Once again
Just one more game

No game up
Until this point
Really matters
We got here
Now it's time
To prove our worth
It's time that
We do our job
And get shit done
In Belichick
We trust
As Tom Brady
We continue
To worship
As in his team
And coach

Tom does trust
And so do we

New England
They aren't
Just a team
And their fans
Aren't just
A nation

As a whole
The team
And the Pats nation
Is all family
So Pats
For the sake
Of this beautiful family
I am proud to be
I beg of you
Do your family proud
Go out there
Do your job
Get shit done
Because if
You do
Then you know
This game
We will have won
Let's go Pats!!!!

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