Harsh Reality

With a heavy heart

I look out
At the world
And wonder
How exactly
We have
Ourselves here
Same sex marriage
Still a hot topic
While millions
Of people
Who love each other
Still can't
Get married
And I for one
Think this
Is nothing
Short of
A travesty
In 2015
Is still
A relevent
Anyone else
Sickened by that
Minimum wage
Is still not
Enough to
Live on
And yet people
Still appose
Raising it
It makes me sick
We are destroying
Our planet
With things like
And pipelines
Yet powers that be
Still think of these
As acceptable things
Anyone else
Find this crazy
And the way
We are treating
Each other
Is nothing short
Of maddening
And yet our lesson
We seem to
Never truly
Be learning

That is our
Biggest mistake
To date
I will though
Tell you
One thing
If soon
We don't start
Then a dire future
We will surely
Be facing

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