The Real Problem

Isn't it sad
That the worlds
Biggest problem
Is not something
That is born
But rather
And handed
Down from
To generation
It isn't national debt
Or even war
It does cause war
It is hate
It is ignorance
The root
Of all evil
The very thing
That makes people
Think they
Are better
Than others
And stop
At nothing to prove it
And it makes me sick
Hatred and misplaced anger
What a waste
Of emotions
We should be
Spending our time
Learning from each other
And learning to
Accept each other
To make things better
But no we waste our time
On wasted emotions
That are taught
From generation
To generation
Then wonder
What the hell
Is wrong with
Our planet
Wake up society
We are what is wrong
And only we can fix it
And we need to start
Trying to fix it soon
Because if we don't
I hate to say it
But society by it's own hand
Is nothing short
Of doomed

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