Living As A Shadow

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

An innocent victim

You wanted
Even way
Back then
We were so young

And yet
I Was always
Your sacirificial lamb
The girl
Who was always

So easily
A girl
Who always
Had high hopes

But then you


Living as a shadow
Of what I used to be
I try to regain

The part of me
That was taken
So long ago
But god help me
For I am falling so
Who I am
I don't
Even know
All that is
Plain to see
Is that

I am losing the
Grip on the life
That is me

Verse 2

At first I was
Made to feel
Like I was
One of you
But little did I know

That it was all a lie
To make me
And when I fell
I fell hard
Sadly over
And over again
And yet I still tried
To get on your
Good side
But I know now
It was all in vain


Verse 3

By age 12
I knew solitude
Was better
Than dealing
With any of you
I hid in the shadows
Because I thought
It was all
My fault
But now I know better
Now I know the truth
It was never me

But rather you
And now its my turn
Not to care about you


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