It Takes Hard Work To Truly Find Success

The problem
With youth today
Is not so much
The lack of drive
Or the fact
That they
Fight so hard
To conform
With those
Who are popular
Instead of embracing
The fact
That they are
No thats not
The problem
So to speak
The problem really

Isn't so much
The what
But rather
The why
Look at the media
People like
Paris Hilton
And the Kardashians
Who kids never
Really see working
Yet have millions
So instead of working

On bettering
They try to be
Like those people
And expect
Just handed to
Them on a
Silver platter
And when it comes
To them
Being unique
Yeah the media
And peer pressure
Frowns on that
They are taught
To conform
To follow
Instead of lead
Follw this trend
You will be
Just like this person

Or this person who
Doesn't do much
But get rich
Off their family name
So why not
Expect things

To be handed to you
It makes me sick
Just once
I would like
To see someone
Who has great influence
Just say
It took work
To get here
Hard work
If you work hard too
Then maybe
Will find you too

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