The Importance Of Rebels And Free Thinkers


There is
To be said
About those
Who refuse
To be
By anyone
Else but
Those who

Know exactly
Who they are
And refuse
To be lead astray
They are rebels
The dreamers
The peace seekers
The freedom fighters
And free thinkers
That are more
To our world
Than any one
Could possibly
Ever know
Because without them
The world couldn't grow
They were the explorers
That made the world
It is today
They are the ones
Who looked at
A situation

Had the guts
To stand up

And say
This is wrong
Then do something
About it
They were
Who dared
To think
The box
Try things
That had never

Been tried before
And are now responsible
For everything
From cars and planes
To modern medicine
And the internet
They are the back bone
Of society
And we need to
Never forget it

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