A Revolution That Needs To Happen

There is a revolution
That needs to happen
One that
Can only happen

When we finally
Realize the truth
And get pissed off
Enough to
Fight it
Pissed off
To change it
Preaching peace
And love
Is great
But to get it
We must
Be willing
To stand up
And fight for it
Fight against those
Who are keeping us
From achieving it
Fight against

Those in power
By greed
Against those
Who are

By the power
They hold
And go too
Far with it
The dictators
And lying
We need to
Stand up
Say we have
Had enough
And fight back
Because if we don't
Those in power
Will still treat
Life like it is
No more
Than a damn game
And everything
Will just stay
The same
There is a revolution
That needs to happen
Are you ready
To start it yet?

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