Life's Experiences

Broken promises
Shattered dreams
First loves
And broken hearts
People who will
Hate you
No matter who you are
And best friends
Who will love you
For who being
Exactly who

You are
Family and friends
You can count on
And those
Who will
Let you down
That leave you
So high
You yearn
For more
And experiences
That will leave you
So low
You won't want
To go on
These are all
Things in life
We all experience
And we all must
Learn from
And if we are
Lucky enough
To have
Survived it all
In the end
All we can hope for
Is to be a better
Because of it
Because that my friends
Is what it is
All about
The good
The bad
The happy
The sad
All of it
Has a purpose
And if that purpose
We do see
Then a better person
We will
Forever be

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