She was unable to take her eyes off the ceiling. Memories would come and go in waves, just like the smooth ocean sway. She tried to remember where it all begin...and why did it have to end this way? Her mother talking through the door brought her back to reality, briefly, but she refused to look before her, so she turned towards the sky once again. She lacked his company. The cold was unbearable. But on top of everything was the suffocation. She didn't need anything healthy, she would just crave the freedom to feel what she was going through. No marionette. She dreamed of being a bird and fly away. She pitied the grass, for it was to remain attached to the ground. In dreams she would become the brightest of flames and danced until she was left all burned off and she would then envy the residuary steam that would make air its only home. No boundaries for it. Anybody around would say she was rather  exaggerating but they don't know her part of the story, and you know what they say, there's at least two sides of every story, perhaps three. So people was ignorant. All they could see was her walking alone, they'd sometimes stop and wonder why but what help would that make. Taking long walks she would clarify her head. Some people said she would ramble too much, others claimed for too long. But none of that matter because one day...the whole town woke up just to find she was gone. Autumn, she wasn't to be found at her usual spot at school, nor at park and momma called all her friends. Nobody knew. Police search began and each hour passing by was a thrill. Where in this little town would that little girl be? The city was whipped with a wave of numbness like never before. Two days later, near a pond where threes were the only witnesses and the skies refused to tell, her petite body was discovered. Someone around the place said it all played out well, said she was looking gray before her wings sprouted and spread...let go of all she held and slowly flew away. 

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