Not Too Late: A Parable

The sun had not yet found it wings

And reached its head over the mountains

As the old man headed for the sea

As he had for millions of mornings past

To ask the ocean for the fish

He needed to earn his daily bread

For he was very old and very poor and very alone.

Still dark, he knew the fish would not

Appear until the sun had awoken

So he slowly treked to his humble boat.

Stumbling on a stone

He came across a bag of pebbles

Lying lost on the empty beach.

He carried it with him to the dock

And to pass his time, waiting for the sun, his only friend.

He began to throw the pebbles out into the vast water

To hear the echo of the "plop" in the dark.

One by one the pebbles flew

And the task amused him as he cleared his mind before his day.

After some time the bag grew close to empty

But the sun was starting to appear in the sky

So he drew what he thought was the final pebble

And heaved it his mighiest out into the sea

Only to be shocked as a ray from the sun

Struck the now visible diamond

Gleaming its beauty back to the old man

Before it sank below the waves into the depths.

The old man grew very quiet and very sad

What a fool he had been!

A bag filled with precious stones

And he had flung them heedlessly to the sea

To pass the amusement

Had cost him the fortune to buy thousands of such amusements

And joys.

"Too late, too late, too late!"

Then, slowly, tenderly, he peered into the empty sack

And realized

There was still one diamond left.

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