let me love you again

Tell me you love me, I so miss hearing thouse words from your lips.  Tell me you still want me around.  Please let me touch you again, let me rap my arms around you and hold you close to me.  Please don't shove me off like a fly tickling your arm.  I miss you, I miss your smile.  I see you there right beside me and yet your so far from me.  There are words only you can tell me, only you.  I want you in the worst way.  If the mistakes I have made has cause this, then just tell me what I would do to make it right.  I need your love, like food, like water.  I will speak kind words to you, I will do good things for you.  please don't continue to turn away from me.  do not keep showing me your back.  Please forgive me for what ever it is I have done, the mistakes I know I must have made to cause myself this hurt.  Just know im praying to God that I can come back to you.  That you will come back to me.  The way it was in the beginning.  When we would sneak off to make love.  when we would hold each other and I would wisper in your ear.  That I love you dearly.  When I couldn't wait to be near you.  To feel your skin against mine.

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