All my love.

I wonder if you know.  your such a dream to me,  the beauty I see in your eyes is so awsome, your heart is tender.  No wonder it didn't take me long to fall in love with it.  My heart seeks to find your tresurechest full of love for me.  I can't even imagin how much of your love might be hidden there,  Anything, any words I could come up with to tell you how much I love you would only get in the way of how I really feel.  I just want to wake up to you each morning,  fall asleep next to you every night.  I want to just sit with you, and listen to you talk about your day.  Anything that went wrong, anything that went right.  Your voice is so soft and so lovely.  It just makes all of the rest of the world disapear into a blurr.  I can hardly believe that this is real.  I love you so much.  Kiss me now, let me feel your soft tender lips, look into my eyes when I caress your face.  feel my fingertips acrosse your lips.  As each day goes by I can only love you more then the day before.  So, when you think of me, know my heart is strong, my spirit is in love with your soul.  All I want from now on, is to be near you.

   All my love,  Will.

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