Loves Name

  How far would you go, to find loves name?  How far would you be willing to go to know it's meaning?  There is such a name that belongs to love.  A name that is different for every man.  If his heart is willing to seek it out.  He must search to the very end of him self.  He must look beyond the stars, beyond all the that he knows.  To find loves name he can only look deep within him self, to where his loves name is hidden in his soul.

   I know of such a name, that belongs to love, it has surfaced deep from within, it has lifted it's head and stretched out it's neck,  loves name had revealed it's self to me, to my soul it has whispered soft and low.  It has cried out to me in my dreams.  A name that calls to me from every direction for me that can only be one name, Sarah.

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