Do you go off in strange directions looking for something to fulfill you?  does the night get so black that you can't breath.  What stillness comes in the silence of the night.  Why does time stand still in your heart?  Do you exist in one moment of time. Retreat to some distant place in you mind that yesterday forgot?  So much desire in your heart, is there anyone to give it to.  You can even see the silence, hear the blackness that lunges at your soul.   Can you feel me reaching out to you.  Longing to be near you.  In the quite place, my mind goes to a far off place no one knows.  I'll be there if you care to find me. if you dare to seek me out,  There is an emptiness there.  Would you be the one to feel it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

to my friend that i will always love, you know who you are.

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