a longing

I saw you comeing from a distance, that strange look in your eyes at the sight of me.  the longing in your heart showed through those big green eyes, I remember the feeling in my heart when you smiled at me, it carried me away to another time, another place.  Time had no meaning there.  It was just you and I.  The world around us disapeared and then there was nothing.  It had been so long since i saw you last.  Your face shined like the sun that beamd down on me.  I missed your laughter.  I long for you kiss again on my lips.  Hello was all you said, all you needed to say.  That night when i took your hand in mine.  I never wanted to let go.  It had been so long. so long.  I saw you there, in the soft moon light.  the way i longed to see you.

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