the pain

  If I could only go back and change what went wrong, so many things wrong with me.  So many things to fix, how many things go wrong when im involved.  So many things I feel so messed up.  I want so badly for this pain to go away, Im all so alone in my own dark place.  I would just love to tell you how I feel. But do I dare.  Are there any words to tell.

  I need someone that will care.  Someone that will let me cry on their shoulder.  I need love like the desert needs the rain.  Why did it have to be this way.  Why do my salty tears run down my face when I think of what might have been.  Im not asking for you back.  Im not asking for anything.  I just want to hide.  When you come around I cringe in dread, not because of what you did.  But because that pain is so rough.

  You were like gold to me, like a diamond so lovely why did it end like this.  I do not know, I can't even see through my own tears. I will never understand what has happened here.  I can only hope for it to get easier.  Im such a cry baby.  I stubbed my heart.  What wrong with me. Why is it this way with me. I just do not know

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