Tell me what is on your heart my love let me hold you in my arms while your tears fall from your eyes.  Tremple while I hold you know that I will never leave you alone. i will not close my ears when you speak, when ever you speak i will listen Your voice is sweet, tell me what ever troubles you my hand will wipe away you tear even if they fill the great cannons of the earth I will listen when you speak i will go where the Lord takes you I will follow. my love tell me your thoughts poor out your heart to mei will hear you I will always hear you with a listing ear i will not turn and leave you, no! I will hold you in my arms until the end of time never will i let you go the sound of your voice is like necter to my ears so tell me what is on your heart, then tell me what you love me then i will tell you and you will listen, when i say i love you you will hold me when the tears fall from my eyes and your hands will wipe awaymy tears i will say i love you and watch you smile.

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