some day

Some day I am going to accept my shortcomings, over come all my demons,  concur all my fears,
Let go of the pain that I have carried for far to many years.
I will make sense of how some things always  change, but yet stay the same.
Some day I will stop crying wasted tears,
I have cried far to many,  for to many years.
Some day I will no longer miss people who could care less about me,
Some day their memories will no longer haunt me.
Some day I will no longer worry about what others think, feel, or say about me,
Some day I will be strong enough to set myself free.
But today I am going to cry because I miss you,
Today I will ask why, 
Today I will wonder why I have to feel this way,
Yep someday soon, but not today.
Someday I will be able to hold my head up high,
Someday I won't feel empty inside.
Someday I will be proud of how far I have came, not stress over how far I have to go,
Someday I will accept all I will never know.
Someday I won't question if it was the right choice to leave,
Someday I will not second guess me.
But today I am going to doubt,
Wonder why I can't figure people out. 
Today I  will wonder about the progress I have made,
Today I will wonder if it was worth the sacrifices I have made.
Today I will remember yesterday,
And ask myself what changed. 
Someday I will let go of the fear of getting hurt, and stop pushing people away,
But I know me, so it won't be today.
Someday I will accept the people I can't change,
Someday maybe I will no longer want to,
Someday I will care less that I am not accepted by you.
But today I will question why I was never good enough, 
Today I will wonder why loving me is so tough.
Today I will wonder why you act the way you do,
And today I will ask why you put me through all that you put me through.
Someday I look back at the mistakes I have made,
And know they helped shape who I am today.
Someday I will learn to stop listening to the doubting voice in my head,
Someday I will care less about the lies it said.
But today I believe the lies because it is what I want to hear,
And today I will question how my mistakes got me here.
Someday I will learn to let go,
Someday I won't blame myself for all I did not know. 
Today I will cry a tear or two,
And today I will ask God why I had to go through all I went through. 
Today I will put on a brave face and a fake smile to hide the pain,
Today I am going to remind myself I have to look forward,  I can't go back again.
And today I am going keep hanging on, in the end I am going to be ok.
All I have to do is keep going

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