dear mom

Dear mom,

I think that it is finaly time to write a feel things

down and tell you how I feel,

You have not inderstood me in the last almost 32 years, and i doubt you ever will.

you know the deffiniton of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a differant result and you are not going to change and neither am I.

so lets leave it like this and i will just say good bye.

you know i cant count all the times in my life i have sat and wondered if your love was true

out of all the people in my life i have been hurt the most by you

A few new dance steps to the same old song,

you are always right and I am always wrong.

You only see one point of view to everything, and if you agree with if fine and if you dont there will be hell to pay.

It is a game to which I no longer want to play.

and as much as this hurts me it is better this way

because with you things are always black and white you never left room for gray

I can walk away and never look back,

It is something I should have done along time ago,

But before I do there is a few things i would like you to know.

I have always loved you, and i know i always will,

but you dont care if you hurt me, dont care how i feel

i have always done what i thought was best for me and my boys and i am sorry if you dont agree

But nothing i have ever done has been good enough, and when shit hits the fan you blame it on me;

i have tried to call you, and you dont pick up the phone

ok i get it i will leave you alone

but DONT bother calling Austin he is not going to answer you or call you back.

i am sorry mom but it dont work like that

My sons will not go where I am not wanted, or have contact with people who want nothing to do with me

we are a packaged deal a family

I know i am a great person and lots of my FAMILY want me around

when i have needed you the most in my life

you have never been around

i have never got use to you letting me down

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