Sometimes my heart forgets,


And I start missing you,


And I have to remind me,


That you are a part of my past,


I have long put behind me.


Sometimes I hear a song on the radio,


And I can't help but to smile,


For a moment I go back in time,


For just a little while.


I am sixteen agian,


Young and in love and I throw caution to the wind,



I still believed dreams came true,

And I was going to grow old with you.


Sometimes when I hear your name,

I go back and relive the pain,

All the dreams I had that fell apart,

A naive young girl,

With her first broken heart.


Sometimes no matter how hard I try,

I can't help but to miss you,

I can't help but to wonder.

Do you miss me too?


Sometimes your memory

Finds away to cross my mind,

And I can't help but be thankful,

That it is only SOMETIMES.







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