back then

I wish I could tell you that I'm doing great and every thing is fine

that I don't relive the hell, the memories and pain, from time to time

That I have moved on,

and I am glad your gone.

But I know my lies would give me away you always see through

I never could lie to you

How can I expect you to believe that I am happy,

When I can't even lie to me

And I can't help but to wonder what might have been,

But I know I can never go back, to who I was back then

I put a few thousand miles between you and me

And I left behind who I used to be

I had to start over agian

But I am thankful I am not the person I was back then

Just because my heart misses you every now and then

I won't change what I have now

for what we had back then

Even though you was my first love

and you will always be in my heart

We are so much happier living our lives apart

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