i saw you the other day

I saw you the other day,
I had so much to say,
I had nothing to say.
My heart could not help you remember,
My mind took me back to the,
Last time I saw you that September.
The smell of you cologne took me back in time,
And I couldn’t help but to think about when you were mine.
I couldn’t help but to wonder how you’re doing now,
Are you happy?
Do you ever stop to think about me?
Do you ever think about what we had way back when?
Do you ever find yourself wishing we could go back again?
I know that you could not give me tomorrow,
When you could not be there for me today.
You broke my heart, loving you was the price I pay.
A part of me wanted to run after you,
But thank God my pride was stronger,
And I let out a sigh of relief, when I couldn’t see you any longer.
I am thankful that I was smart enough to set myself free,
I don’t have to ever worry.
I don’t have to wonder where you are, or who you give your love to
When you don’t come home to me.
I got a wonderful like the one I always wanted to have,
I have a wonderful husband he is a wonderful dad.

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