my 3 angels

I have 3 angels in heaven that watch over me,
And because of them I am an angel’s mommy.
I held them and loved them, but sadly had to let them go,
And you could never understand how I love and miss them so.
If you don’t see my tears, it does not mean that I don’t cry.
And just because I have faith the Lord knows best, don’t mean I don’t ask why.
And if I let you see my tears, know you are a part of a chosen few,
Your love and support is all I need from you.
Some days are good and some days are bad,
Sometimes I am happy, hopeful, or grief-stricken or sad.
I know someday I will hold my 3 angels again,
And I try to do the best I can, until then.
I know someday we will be together in heaven my 2 sons, my 3 angels and me,
Together in heaven, a family……….

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