a dad's point o view

Things were different from the start,
Mommy carried you in her womb; I carried you in my heart.
It is hard for me,
I hurt for myself, for you, and for mommy.
But I have to be strong your mommy needs me now,
And we will lean how to let you go somehow.
I am trying to make it all seem real,
I am in a state of hut sadness and confusion I am not sure how to feel.
I am so glad that you are mine,
Even if we only got to have you, for a brief moment time.
I hope as you look down on us from heaven, you know how much you mean to me.
Thank you for letting me be you daddy……..
You had your daddy’s heart wrapped around your little finger,
And now all I have are the memories that linger.
You were and still are my whole world,
Please now daddy loves you baby girl.

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