He called her from a thousand miles away,

He called her from a thousand miles away,
Just to tell her he loved her, and to ask “how was your day?”
She said I am doing as well as I can,
You know I miss you; our son is growing into quiet the little man.
I hope you get to come home soon,
The Dr. says our little girl will be here this June.
I hate the fact you are missing so much,
I can’t wait to feel your touch.
My arms are empty and cold,
You’re the one I want, I need to hold.
He says I love you, and I’ll come home as soon as I can,
Give my love to my little man.
She gets off the phone, and whispers a little prayer,
“God, can you hear me? Are you there?
I know no one ever told me that life would be easy, or fair,
But it is so hard when he is not here.
I miss him more than any one will ever know,

I have little eyes watching me, so I can’t let my fear show.
Watch over all of us, in Jesus’s name I pray.
And thanks for giving me the strength to get through today.
A few days later bright and early in the morning,
She got a phone call, without warning.
“Mama I am so sorry to say,
You husband passed away yesterday.”
She dropped to her knees overcome with grief,
To her pain there was no relief.
She started to scream and cry,
Why dear Lord Why?
How do I tell my son he no longer has a father?
My husband never got to meet his daughter.
I can’t do this on my own,
How could you leave me all alone?
Overcome with emotion she don’t know how to feel,
She says please tell me this is not real.
He says I am to sorry, call me if you need anything,
She hangs up the phone and looks down at her wedding ring.
She sits and wonders where do we go from here,
Pulls her self together, and wipes away a tear.
She tells God, I wanted him home, but not this way,
When the kids ask what do I say?
She would give anything if he would call from a thousand miles away,
There is so much she would love to say………………..

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