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You must be really busy, because every time you don’t answer the phone,
And when I go to your house your never home.
I am starting to feel like you are avoiding me,
But I wish you would come to momma house to visit,
Because I sure miss you daddy.
My heart sure hurts and I don’t understand why,
When I think mommas not around to hear me I cry.
I don’t know what happened between you and her and I really don’t care,
All I know is when I need you you’re not there.
I am so little I don’t know what it is all about,
But you really hurt me daddy when you walked out.
And sometimes I go without seeing you for weeks at a time,
Sometimes I catch momma crying, and when I ask her why,
She tells me not to worry she will be just fine.
She thinks I am too young to understand but believe me I do momma cries because of you.
I hear her talking to you on the phone I know you make her mad,
I hate to see her so sad.

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