A Soldiers lesson

A little boy goes to his uncle and says” what can you tell me about the war?
He said “I have seen good and bad things that I never saw before.”
I watched little boys grown to men,
I made lifelong friends I will never see again.
I have seen the smoke from bombs and gunfire that fills the sky.
And son they are wrong if they tell you soldiers never cry.
And don’t let them tell you they don’t get home sick because they do.
And in my quiet moments I thought of you.
I know that while I was away you all lost sleep at night.
But in my heart of hearts I know my decision and sacrifice was right.
I have brothers that will forever have my back.
That I met when I was fighting for my country in Iraq.
There are unsung heroes that die every day.
Please remember to keep them in your prayers at night when you pray.
I am not a hero just an ordinary guy,
That knew we had to fight, that day the black smoke filled our September sky.
So no matter how people feel about that war,
Son there are some things worth dying for.

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