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It is too late for second chances,

Take a look at the circumstances.

I gave you my heart; you broke it in two,

I don’t know why I stuck around after all you put me through.

I couldn’t walk away because of my pride,

All the pain I feel inside.

Everyone told me that you would break my heart,

But you did more than break it, you ripped it a part.

I know that I should have walked away a long time ago,

And why I didn’t I will never know.

I guess deep down I always hoped things would get better,

That there would come a day that you wouldn’t make me cry.

But after all this time,

 I still find myself sitting here crying today, can you tell me why?

I know when you leave , it’s her that  you run to,

Can you tell me what she does that I can’t do?

I want the picket fence, the big yard, the happy ever after kind of life,

The only problem is you already have a wife.

Does she know, you tell me that you’re unhappy?

Does she know you leave her for me?

Does she know how hard it is to love another woman’s man?

Does she know that it was never my plan?

Does she know by the time I found about her, I could not take back all the things we did?

Does she know I never meant to hurt her or her kids?

Does she know when you leave her arms, you run to mine?

Does she know I have wanted to call her an thousand times?

But every time I pick up the phone I lose my nerve,

This is not the kind of life that she deserves,

So the next time you come to my door, and you want to get in,

Like you have all those times before,

Don’t be surprised when I don’t answer any more.

I’m not only doing this for her sake but also for mine,

I won’t let you hurt me anymore, no not this time.

Don’t call me, or text me, don’t come knock on my door,

The person who used to let you walk all over her,

Don’t live her any more…………….

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