how do you sleep at night?

How do you sleep at night do you toss and turn?

Or do you sleep just fine because we are no longer you’re concern.

Momma prayed every day for your safe return,

You could not even bother to tell your momma you made it home,

Was it really that hard to pick up the phone?

Momma waited around for phone calls and letters that never came,

When I think how bad you hurt her I can’t help but to feel shame.

You hurt momma and that hurts me,

How could you turn your back on your family?

Please tell me, were did you go Dannie,

I don’t even know the person standing in front of me.

It still brings me to tears,

 When I think about all the hurtful things you said to me,

I miss the wonderful man you used to be.

When I think about you I can’t help but to feel anger,

My youngest son don’t even know you, you are a stranger.

And the sad thing is he was named after you,

My oldest son talks about all the things that you and him used to do.

When my oldest son asks me when is he going to get to see you,

I force myself to lie to him because I can’t bare to tell him the truth.

And every time I do,

I tell myself that one of these days I am going to quit covering for you.

Because my son worships the ground you walk on, he has put you on a pedestal,

That no one can touch,

And it saddens me that he loves you that much.

because I know you will only let him dow.

You have made it perfectly clear that you don’t want us around.

My boys are growing up …. The way little boys do,

And one of these days they are going to stop talking, and asking about you.

I hope that you realize before it is too late,

That my little boys are growing up, time will not wait.

My oldest son says that he wants to be just like you,

And I pray that he is nothing like you.

Or as least the you that you are now,

The you that lost your way, somehow.

I really had hoped that you would find your self during your last tour in Iraq,

The real you, you was before your first tour in Iraq.

And we both know that one day momma won’t have any more tomorrow’s,

Will you even care? Or will you be filled with sorrow?

When you get the phone call that momma’s gone will you cry?

Will you come to her funeral, to tell her goodbye?

You can’t bother to see her when she is alive

 Would you bother to come see here when she is gone?

And if you do, I have to tell you that I think you would be so wrong.

She says that it don’t bother her that you don’t call or come around,

But we both know that’s a lie,

Just because we don’t see it, don’t mean momma don’t cry.

So as I lay here tonight I lose sleep,

 Thinking of all the promises you made,

That you know you would not keep.

I talk to God and pray for you.

Tell him how much we all miss you……………… 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dannie~ love you more than you will ever know. and i wish i could help you see,

that your hurting every one who loves you including me.

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