My brother My soldier

My little brother is a soldier in the American Army,

Dannie has told us that he might get shipped over to Iraq in January.

I try to be strong but that has never been easy for me,

It is hard to think about my little brother getting shipped over seas.

But I  know that he does what he does, so that his family can be safe, and grow up free.

He belives that he is doing what is right,

And he belives in the American way of life,

My son loves his uncle dannie, and he says a prayer for him each night before his lays down his head,

He is only 4 so I try to explain why I tuck him into bed.

That before he was born,on September 11,th our country cried,

Black smoke and fire filled the skies.

And that we went to war to make the evil men pay,

Because we as American refused to be treaded this way.

We as a country was knocked down for a minute, but we got back up as we always do,

And when we find the people that did this to us, may God almighty have mercy on you.

Its sad that we have to tell your kids about terrorism and things like this,

But I want to thank every one in the military for your sacrafice and I pray you are blessed.

So thank you little brother and I pray you some back safe,

I know that beacuse you are alive, the world is a much better place.

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