your leaveing

Your leaveing shook me to the core,

It killed me to watch you walk out the door.

How long have I been sitting here for, ? hours? weeks? days? minutes?.

I don't know how to live my life without you in it.

I just keep hopeing that you will come back home,

I feel so lost with out you so all alone.

I keep reliveing the days you were wine,

I am trying to dring away the pain, with cheap wine.

I have to belive that you will change youe mind and come back,

I want to take it all back, that pain I caused you the tears I made you cry,

If I said that you did not matter to me , you know it would be a lie.

I now know that when you walked out the door you walked away for good,

If I had the chance to say I'm sorry, and make it up to you, you know I would

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