In times

In times of adversity  give me wings to fly,

In times of  trouble give me hope from the tears I cry.

In  times  when problems fall like rain,

Give me joy to eases  my pain.

In times I am weak,

Help me find the strength I seek.

If I cant find my path along the way,

Please help me to stop and pray.

When doors shut in my face,

Remind me there is an open window in its place.

In times of sorrow help me to remember joy, and love,

Make me into the  kind of person people can be proud of.

In times of  heartache and pain,

Help me to look for the rainbow after the rain.

When hard times come as they some times do,

Help me to never loose sight of you.

In times of  depression and despair,

Lord help me remember that you are always there.


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