Lay off

Don't blame her, life made her this way,

And because of it it is the price we pay.

I am sorry little man,

But she loves you the only way she can.

I know your angry and hurt, and mad,

But please try not to be sad.

She was a teenage mother raiseing two kids on her own,

She felt hopeless lost and alone.

The was wore out by the time you came along, then had two after you,

But she did the best she could the only way she knew.

She worked all the time always dead on her feet,

To make sure us kids had food to eat.

She made so many sacrifices, to give us what she did,

It was hard but she loves us kids.

The best way she knew how too,

Don't ever think differant,

But I know it has been hard on you.

I know it has been hard to carry the slack,

But she does what she can so lay off her back.

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